COVID-19 Updates

From Monday 31 August we will open for dining.
Please be assured that the Gyoza Bar team are following the relevant Covid compliance measures.
We were so looking forward to hosting this evening!

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Crispy and Fluffy?

Gyozas are small Japanese dumplings filled with ingredients such as mince and vegetables. They can be eaten a number of ways including boiled and steamed, but are typically fried and eaten with a dipping sauce. Comparing to Chinese dumpling, Japanese Gyozas are smaller with thinner skin, which is better suited to frying up on teppan griddles and gives it a crispier and fluffier texture.

Best Gyoza in Auckland

Our Gyoza filling is prepared fresh daily and it is wrapped by the chefs in the kitchen just before it is served. The recipe of the wrapper has a secret in terms of the propotion ratio and also a particular resting time to gives it an elastic texture etc. It may be time consuming, but this is what makes our gyozas so special and delicious.

Japanese Shojin Inspired Five Course Cuisine

For all vegetable lovers, vegetarians and vegans.

We are proudly introducing the seasonal vegan, vegetarian course menu deliciously prepared for you.

Kazu, our head chef started his career as a chef in the traditional Japanese restaurant in Fukuoka about 25 years ago. There he has learned the ancient Shojin Kaiseki that had been eaten by Zen monks. Inspiration from that experience appears on all the dishes in the menu. Please enjoy these healthy special dishes.

Booking essential one day before. Please add the text ”shojin 5 course” as a remark when booking.

Course Menu

Started Donburi Lunch! Casual, Quick, Yummy!!

All Donburis from $15~ and comes with miso soup.
Vegan options available.

Lunch Menu
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We don’t need things, we LOVE experience.

Stop passing around the same Christmas pudding that would never be eaten, rather send the Gyoza Bar gift vouchers to your friends and family that will give them the opportunity that they’ll truly enjoy.
And it’s not just that, the Gyoza Bar will add more value on the gift voucher if you purchase $100 or higher voucher, the guest can use it for 10% - 15% more valuable food and drinks. eg:$100 for $110, $200 for $220, and $500 for $575
So now this voucher is for your friends, family and you to treat yourself.
Vouchers are available in multiples of $30 to maximum of $500.

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